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Your working relationships are important and the key to a thriving business. Have you thought about that?

Often we take the relationships we have for granted.  We think that because they are there we don’t need to nurture or cultivate them. And yet the way that we treat, or interact with others determines how they treat and interact us.

Relationships are therefore very important to the success of your business.

Let’s explore some of the key relationships you may have and why they are important:

 * How you treat your suppliers determines the service you receive from them.

When you treat your suppliers with respect and as collaborators in what you do, they are more likely to provide exceptional service to you.

Suppliers are often the key to your successful delivery. They may provide the raw products that support you to deliver for your client.


* The way you interact with your staff will impact how effective and efficient they are at their jobs.

Valuing your staff changes their emotional well-being at work and can only improve their willingness to work with you to achieve the business outcomes.

* Customer interactions determine the impression they have of you and your organisation.

A customers impression determines if they will continue to do business with you or tell others not to. Treating your customers as the focal point of your business will shift the dynamic and improve profitability.

* Your working relationship with your boss and peers impacts on the level of support you receive.

With strong relationships, your ability to influence and be effective at what you do is guaranteed. Not only will your personal effectiveness improve your stress levels will decrease.

Strong working relationships = Success =>  Improved Effectiveness => Increased Profit => Lower stress

Our Aim is to support you to:

Be clear in your communication

Express yourself honestly and openly

Know how to work efficiently

Remove old patterns and habits that aren’t serving you

We do this through workshops, training sessions, consulting and Leadership Development Coaching.