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With over 25 years of experience working in business and business consulting, I’m here to support you in three key areas.

People – Process – Projects

Why these three areas?

Often we get busy working in the business and are unable to view the business from a bigger picture perspective.

This can lead to problems in these three key areas.  Each area is important in the overall profitability of the business.

People ARE your business

People are the key to your business being successful. Specifically, the interactions with people, be that your staff, or your customers and suppliers.

We all know that quality customer service is an expectation these days. How do you achieve that so customers keep coming back? And even better, refer you to others.

Each relationship is dependent on open and clear communication, honesty and trust that is built.

That trust can be built at the first point of contact with your business. So, how business coachingstrong are your relationships at the first interaction?

Staff within your business play a key role in how the business operates on a day to day basis.  If they’re happy, your business will prosper.

The opposite is just as true. If your staff aren’t happy, your business will suffer. Customers will feel the unhappiness and it will turn them away from continuing to do business with you.

Any people issues will impact your business. Contact me to schedule a call so we can discuss your people issues.

Processes save you money

Process is what drives efficiency in your business. When you have good consistent processes in place things run smoothly, which in turn creates efficiencies.  This saves you money.

That’s why it is important to have good processes in place in your business.

You may notice there are areas of your business that aren’t running smoothly. Perhaps it is an area that has evolved over time. There is no real process in place, things just happen organically.

How much time and therefore money are you wasting with no process in place?

business process improvementDo you understand the impact this lack of process is having on your customers or clients? Have you considered the impact on your staff efficiency by not having a proper process in place?

It may seem as though processes will only slow things down, and yet the opposite is true.  Where there is a consistent and simple process, people follow it and it makes life easier, and business runs more smoothly.

If you realize that missing process might be the problem in your business, or if things aren’t flowing reach out and let’s jump on a call to chat about it.

Projects run well, bring increased revenue

Projects are the things that often generate revenue in your business. Whether that is job lots, task lists, or more formalized small projects.

Are the people running your projects skilled enough to do that in the best possible way? Do you have consistently happy customers because your projects are delivered on time?

When projects are what drive the revenue in your business, you need to have them running efficiently so as to generate the maximum profit for your business.

Would you know if your customers’ expectations and assumptions are being met? project successSuccessful project delivery is a lot more than completing a bunch of tasks.

Small projects may be harder to run than big projects because the timelines are shorter and budgets smaller. Yet, they play a critical role in your day to day business list.

That may be because you are planning a key event and need everything to run smoothly. Or you may have a workload that is full of client deliverables. Each one of those as important as the other.

How do you schedule things to get the maximum from your team?  What will it take to ensure you meet ALL of your clients’ needs when you deliver the end product for them?

Want to learn simple and easy to implement people and processes you can implement to make all of your projects work easily and smoothly, contact me and let’s talk.

Business Consulting & Coaching can support you to improve YOUR business

When these three areas of your business are functioning the best they can be, you can’t help but be highly successful and more profitable.

Business Consulting will supply you with a roadmap and strategy for how to improve these areas.

Business Coaching works to support you with tools and ongoing ideas for implementation and your growth.

ILet me be the advisor that works with you to improve your business’s bottom line.

f you have problems in any of these areas of your business let’s talk.