Exceptional customer service, we all know it when we get it and yet, can we describe what makes it so.

I’m going to have a try, based on my own customer service experiences.  Let’s see if these resonate with you too.

For me exceptional customer services contains the following mix of things:


I want to be listened to. For me that means the person serving me is facing me, looking me in the eye and responding to what I am saying.


The dictionary definition is… “the action of paying close attention to something”

I want that something to be ME.

Are you paying close attention to the fact that I have come into your store to buy something, from YOU?


What I want is to have help available when I want it.

If I walk up to you, to ask for assistance, be helpful.

Don’t give me a story, to make yourself look big.

Give me something of value.


Be flexible – “The ability to be easily modified” (Dictionary definition)

I want the person to be comfortable with me changing my mind, or direction whilst we are engaging.

Meeting or exceeding my expectations

This is big considering in most cases I haven’t even made my expectations clear.

And yet, if the customer service person puts themselves in MY shoes what would exceed their expectations?

Sometimes it may be necessary to ask what it is that I want in order to then exceed my expectations

Giving me what I want (even though I may not tell you what that is)

I won’t have told you that I want exceptional customer service, and yet if you give me that, you are going to get my praise.

This can be the hardest thing to achieve in a lot of situations and yet it is the one thing that makes the difference between good and outstanding customer service.


This of course is not always relevant.

But, when you go off to do something for me be timely about it.

When you deliver exceptional customer service you always keep me updated on what is going on.

You are mindful that I, as a customer, are here.  Forget about me at your own peril.

Friendliness (in a genuine way)

I love it when I am greeted like a long lost friend by a customer service agent.

This makes me feel as though you want me in your establishment.

Notice ME

I think this is the one point that often tips customer service for me.

When I walk into your establishment, as a customer, I want someone to notice that I am there wanting to be served.

I am loving the amount of times this has been happening lately, and it helps me consider more and more exceptional service.

How do the places you do business rate?

Of these nine points how many of them do customer service agents, or the organization as a whole fulfill?

Do you agree that these are the things that create exceptional customer service for you?