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Let’s talk about restructuring and how to manage the change.

Restructuring in most instances means some people stay and some people go.

Restructures mean a complete shuffling of the decks. With the rearranging of the management layer occurring first.  It’s a stressful time for Managers.

The expectations are that the operations will continue as normal, whilst uncertainty exists about who has roles and who doesn’t.

During this time employees often feel uncared for.

You begin to wonder if you will still have a job after all this.  You start to hear about colleagues who weren’t successful in gaining roles and life as it was begins to shift.

Here are some tips for managing these times:

Understand people will be emotional

Individuals lives are being turned upside down.  It is normal for them to get emotional about the change. People will have different emotions surface for them; shock, anger, hurt, denial at what is happening.  These emotions are all normal. Recognize that and let them be expressed.

Enjoy celebrating the way things have been

Life as it was is about to change.  As a group celebrate what has been.  Draw up a picture timeline of your journey as a Division/Business Unit/Team.  Have a party and talk about your journey.  Celebrate the people who have been a part of where you are today.

Let yourself experience your emotions

Don’t hide your own emotional feelings. Simply because you are a Manager doesn’t mean that you need to hide your own emotions.  You are human too.  It is perfectly normal for you to experience emotions.  Share how you’re feeling with your team.  It will create a bond and allow them to express their emotions.

Acknowledge your assumptions and notice them

Notice the assumptions that have surfaced for you around

  • why you think this restructure is occurring
  • what it means for you, and your team in the future
  • why things are being changed the way they are sighted to

Your assumptions will help you to understand what you’re thinking about this change. Questioning some of those thoughts will bring you to a calmer and less stressed place about the change.  It’s worth considering.

Be as present as you can be

Being present won’t feel easy when it seems that ground is shifting underneath your feet. If you focus on being present in each moment of the day.  Get up in the morning and focus on getting ready to go to work.  Go to work and be fully present with each and every individual you meet.  Be present in meetings, noticing the emotions.  When you go home, leave work and be fully present at home, with your partner or family.

Question any stressful thinking

Stress comes from thinking about the future and the past. Any thoughts or beliefs that surface can be questioned.  This will bring you into a different space, a more present space with reality.  Things will always seem worse when your mind runs away with what is occurring, or what you think is occurring.  Reality is always kinder.