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I am here to support you to improve your relationships with others and yourself.

I do this by educating you with workshops to increase your skills and by providing individual executive coaching.

The Workshops focus on different aspects of relationships from

  • effective communication,
  • understanding conflict,
  • dissecting team dynamics,
  • and the basis of organisational culture.

An individual workshop might also focus on

  • the unspoken key to effective change management or
  • what it takes to set up effective projects and how your relationships impact on successful delivery.

In these workshops, I will challenge you to consider different ways of thinking about what you believe.

You will leave a workshop with not only a different understanding of working relationships, also simple tools to use straight away to begin making a difference.

As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, I will work with you to find your own answers as to how your behaviour is impacting on your relationships.

Changing behaviour isn’t easy and having a coach to support you along the journey can make the difference.

Involving your stakeholders in the process improves your likelihood of changing your behaviour.

Stakeholder Centred Coaching involves your peers, boss, employees and others helping you gain insights and understanding of why your behaviour isn’t working for them.

You then choose one or two behaviours to work on and with our support the journey begins.

Not only do you improve your relationship with those around you, you gain a better understanding of yourself and what drives you.

Check the Events calendar for upcoming workshops.

If you are interested in finding out more about Executive Coaching complete this form and I will connect to discuss what you are looking for.